All TellusTalk users have access to their personal Toolbox on the web-interface. In the Toolbox you can change the settings of your personal account and send messages.

Log in at (click Login - Toolbox) using your personal email address and your Toolbox password. You can also use this direct link:

Now 2FA is available on your web login, read more about it here!

If you have any questions regarding the Toolbox interface please do not hesitate to call the TellusTalk suport:

+46 8 509 126 00, press 3 for support.

Schematic of the Toolbox menu

- Fax Settings: change cover page and delivery report settings for fax- Organization Belonging: change your position in the company organization

- Email Alias: add email addresses that should be able to use the services through your personal user and with your settings


- give another user administrative access to your personal user

Administrator (Optional) - Link to Customer Admin interface, only visible if you have been granted Access.


- change password, friendly name and see your active services

- SMS Settings: change originator and delivery report settings for SMS


- check your traffic volumes over time


- check your real time logs for all your transactions


- virtual SMS numbers: add recipients, check logs and change settings

- virtual fax numbers: add recipients, check logs and change settings

- public email address: create an address that your customers can use to send you SMS by email

Address Book (Distribution Lists)

- create and edit your address book (-s)


- Send all types of messages (SMS, Link-SMS, fax, email, electronic signing, BankID protected messages) directly from the Toolbox. You can also schedule messages and save templates and drafts.

- Use this view to send messages to your distribution lists