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Sending MMS is only available for some destinations, please email us at or call +46850912610 for more information.

Another, and maybe better, way of sending files to phones is Link-SMS, it is quicker, cheaper, has world wide coverage and anyone can receive them.

Send MMS

It is just as easy to send MMS as it is to send an email. 

This is how you send an MMS:
1. Create a new email
2. Type the recipients mobile number in the To-field followed by
    Like this:
3. Add an attachment, maximum size 300 kb (our system will scale your attachment automatically , but you get better quality if you scale it before you send it). If you need to send bigger attachments, we recommend Link-SMS, they have no limit in size.
4. Type your message as usual
5. Press Send

If you have typed any Subject in your email, it will be added first in your MMS. The subject will be displayed within parentheses.
  • Originator will always be 72080.
  • Only available to some destinations
  • You can send the same MMS to many recipients at once.
  • You can send MMS via API.

Receive MMS

Using the setting "Reply-SMS" when you send your SMS, the recipients will be able to reply back to you with an MMS, this service is always included in your account. Please note that this is possible only for some destinations, call or email us for more information.

Other ways to receive MMS are add on services:
  • Rent a virtual mobile number that is coupled to your email address, this enables you to receive SMS and MMS(from some destinations).
  • Rent a keyword, in Sweden we offer (+46)72080 with a minimum of one keyword, example; "text TELLUS to 72080 to receive the latest offers".
  • You can enable an auto reply function to your incoming SMS/MMS number or keyword. Example; "Thank you, your message has been received".
  • SMS and MMS received can be sent to you by email or API/HTTP post.