RESTful style

Host URL: https://api.tellustalk.com/


Methods supported: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE

Method override techniques, one of the 2 following can be used

1) Using query string ?X-HTTP-Method-Override=POST

2) Http Header: X-HTTP-Method-Override: POST

Request Headers:

Accept: application/json (recommended) or application/xml or text/html

Authorization: Basic username:password (base64-encoded) (Note: username must be in lowercase)

Content-Type: application/json (recommended) or application/xml or application/x-www-form-urlencoded

X-HTTP-Method-Override: DELETE (Optional to override method)

Request data:

Rest Api Dictionary -- A list of all parameters accepted and/or returned by the various applications.

Supported applications:

https://api.tellustalk.com/send/v1 -- Send SMS, Voice, Email, Link-SMS, MMS, Fax messages, Login and Signature requests

https://api.tellustalk.com/logs/v2 -- Message logs, latest version.

Old version: https://api.tellustalk.com/logs/v1 - this is used when incoming messages are sent to your URL (only minor differences from v2)

https://api.tellustalk.com/number/group_members/v3 -- Administration of Group Members / Distribution Lists

https://api.tellustalk.com/shopping_cart/v1.htm -- Payment requests


Response Headers:

Content-Type: application/json or application/xml

Link: </logs/v1?user_id=john.smith&cursor=etgyhjklmn>; rel="next"; title*=UTF-8'uk'next_page_with_more_records (Related Links)

X-Total-Count: 18 (affected records)

Response HTTP Status Codes for Success and Errors:

All the possible HTTP status codes, which are returned in the response to indicate success or error (failure).

Response data:

A list of items with named values where most names can be used as search filters in this context.

Common variable names and their use:

See further the Rest API Dictionary.