RESTful style

Host URL: https://api.tellustalk.com/


Methods supported: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
Method override techniques, one of the 2 following can be used
1) Using query string ?X-HTTP-Method-Override=POST
2) Http Header: X-HTTP-Method-Override: POST

Request Headers:
Accept: application/json (recommended) or application/xml or text/html
Authorization: Basic username:password  (base64-encoded) (Note: username must be in lowercase)
Content-Type: application/json (recommended) or application/xml or application/x-www-form-urlencoded
X-HTTP-Method-Override: DELETE  (Optional to override method)

Request data:
Rest Api Dictionary -- A list of all parameters accepted and/or returned by the various applications.

Supported applications:
https://api.tellustalk.com/send/v1 -- Send SMS, Voice, Email, Link-SMS, MMS, Fax messages, Login and Signature requests

https://api.tellustalk.com/logs/v2 -- Message logs, latest version.
Old version: https://api.tellustalk.com/logs/v1 - this is used when incoming messages are sent to your URL (only minor differences from v2)

https://api.tellustalk.com/number/group_members/v3 -- Administration of Group Members / Distribution Lists


Response Headers:
Content-Type: application/json or application/xml
Link:  </logs/v1?user_id=john.smith&cursor=etgyhjklmn>; rel="next"; title*=UTF-8'uk'next_page_with_more_records     (Related Links) 
X-Total-Count: 18   (affected records)

Response HTTP Status Codes for Success and Errors:

All the possible HTTP status codes, which are returned in the response to indicate success or error (failure).
 HTTP Status Code HTTP Status text Description
 200 OK Success (in case of GET, POST or DELETE)
 400 Bad Request Error (e.g.,  (i) multiple methods given   (ii) key is missing )   
 401 Unauthorized Error (Authentication error)
 404 Not Found Error (db_object is missing)
 405 Method Not Allowed Error (unkown method:  method other than 'GET', 'POST', or 'DELETE' )
 500 Internal Server Error Error (any kind of server error or exception)

Response data:

A list of items with named values where most names can be used as search filters in this context.
Common variable names and their use:
 id A unique "readable" name identifying the current item
 key A unique url-safe identifier for this item; equivalent to id
 user_id A unique "readable" name identifying the current user
 user_key A unique url-safe identifier for this user
 links Contains a list of related resources

See further the Rest API Dictionary.