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Distribution lists for sending email

Create a distribution list for sending email
Make sure to be logged on to your personal toolbox .
Then click distribution lists under the heading Recourses in the left menu.
- Click Create Distribution List
- Provide the distribution list with a name and click Create in the box that appears also choose the default address type.
- You will receive a confirmation that the distribution list is created , what name you've given it and its assigned email.
( Using the email address given to the distribution list you can send an SMS to all members of the list. Your email address must be registered 
as an Author on the distribution list.)

Email recipients will receive the email you sent with the same formatting as you sent. All pictures fonts and spacings will be kept.
When sending email using the distribution list a link for unsubscribing and subscribing will be added.
A link for reading the email in your browser will be added as well.
You can also send a question in the mailing. All answers will be sent to an email address of your choice. Loged on to the Toolbox you can se a 
summary of the answers.

Send an email to the distribution list email,
the content will be sent to all the recipients registered.

The recipients can answer your mailing for in example to give you feedback or to order a product.

The recipients can choose to opt out by clicking a link. TellusTalk handle the opt out function and the next time you send an email to the 
distribution list it will not be sent to those who oped out.

Group communication
The distribution lists contains advanced setting to create different kind of group communication.
You can also create mixed distributions lists which contains email addreses as well as mobile numbers and fax numbers.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

What does the sender look like?
Email sent with our services is given an automated and unique sending address to prevent your email to get caught in the recipients spam filter but also to enable functionality like reply and automated unsubscribe.
We will also add a friendly name so the recipient will know the email is coming from you. 
When you use your own email to send, we will use the friendly name you have in your email settings. 
When you send from the Toolbox we will use your "display name" from your personal settings in the Toolbox. 
If you use the Distribution lists you can put different friendly name on each Distribution list.