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Electronic signing

Texts and documents can be electronically signed with a digital, easy and secure.
For now, this service is only avaliable in Sweden, using BankID.
We will offer this service in more countries in the future.


No need for apps, plugins or other configurations, it works in any email or phone.
The recipient only needs to have a digital signature software at hand.
  • Just as easy to use as our other services
  • Send form your email, web or API
  • You can also combine with Secure Messaging to protect your document from external viewing
  • Automatic logs of who signed and when - you will instantly have the signed copy sent to you.
  • The signed document is protected from manipulation
  • Support for signature of PDF or plan text, it is possible to attach other types of files, but they will not be included in the signed document.

    Send from your Email

    Send SMS

    Add &sign=* (or replace * with a social security number) after the phone number

    To: 0046707409516&signe=*

    Send Email

    If you want to send documents for electronic signing with email, from your email, you will have to format your email like this.
    It is important that you write the keyword DistriButionList exactly like that, and the recipients on each row below.

    This is also a good way to send the same message to many people, or if you want to combine and send both SMS and Email.
    Use * if you don´t have the recipients social security number. You can add more than one number if you like,

    Subject: optional
    Here is the document to sign
    Best regards

    Attatchments: optional

    Send from the web

    SMS and Email

    Type the number or email address as usual, add &sign=* (or replace * with a social security number) after the number or email address.
    From the web interface you can send both email and SMS a the same time, and you can have different text depending on if it is SMS or email.
    Message(text) is the one sent like SMS and Message(formatted) is the one sent as email and also the one viewed in the web view when the recipient clicks on the link in the message.
    If you don´t attach any PDF to sign, the text in Message(formatted) is signed.

    Send with API

    Follow the documentation for the RESTapi

    Protect your message

    You can combine Electronic Signing with Secure Messaging, useful if you are sending agreements or other sensitive information.
    The recipient must then first identify itself with a digital signature to be able to view the message or agreement, after that they can sign using the same digital signature.
    Då skriver man adressen såhär:

    On the web

    From Email 

    (replace * with a social security number)

    How it works with SMS

    The recipient receives an SMS with your message and a short link to the document.
    When the link is clicked, an ebox window is opened in the mobile browser, ofcourse the url is avaliable on a computer too if they prefer.
    In the ebox view they can see:
    - who sent the message
    - a link to open the document
    - a link to sign the document
    - the possibility to reply to the sender, befor or after the sign-off
    - the possibility to block the sender if they do not want to have any more messages from that sender

    You can open the unsigned document to read it first. 
    The document has an automatically added coverpage, stating who the sender is and the attached message.
    When you are happy you go back to the ebox view and click Sign.
    When the signature is completed the ebox view is updated and the signed document is avaliable for download.

    We use an international standard for signatures. This means that you can verify the signature using the attached code.
    The signed document is encrypted to prevent any manipulation.


    Format for signature data in signed PDF
    XML Signature Syntax and Processing (Second Edition)
    W3C Recommendation 10 June 2008