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With HUMAN resources, we are much richer

A story of Local Response by Marlou de Rouw
The Constellation is made up of communities from all over the world. The Constellation’s Support Team is stimulating and connecting those stars.

Up to the end of 2011 this team, consisting of five people, had its base in an office in Chang Mai, Thailand. We were doing our work with a lot of joy and satisfaction. But unfortunately in 2011, for various reasons, we were facing severe financial problems. We couldn't pay the team that was working on a daily basis for several months.

Our board asked if we wanted to scale down, working with only one manager. This would allow the rest of us to find other sources of income. So we sat together with the team to discuss this. We decided that this was not an option. On the contrary, we all committed to go an extra mile. We would apply the Community Life Competence process to ourselves.

What followed were conversations with Constellation friends and members around the world. We were very transparent about the challenge. Constellation communities and members looked again at the Constellation's dream. With input coming from many communities, we were able to describe our dream for 2050. We knew where we wanted to be. And we did the Self Assessment to find out where we were.

We drew on our own resources in the Constellation to address our challenge. We asked Constellation members what they wanted to contribute to the dream. Many raised their hands. I can translate key materials; I can connect to new partners; I can help with proposal writing; we can organise a Global Learning Festival; we can contribute with financial donations.

Our work plan for 2012 was based on that. We were stimulating and connecting local responses. By that time the work was being done not by a small team, but by over 40 people spread across the globe. Each of us contributes our time and talents from within our possibilities.

This ownership has paid off. Very quickly financial resources came back and, little by little, we came back to a much-needed healthy financial situation. We were able to pay modest fees to those who are contributing. At the same time, our reach into the world has spread and strengthened

With HUMAN resources you are much richer. When we make sure that members of the community relate to the dream and are given opportunities to contribute, the response will come.