B3-Scale Blueprint

For your third Major Assessment, you will be creating an professional Architectural Floor Plan. This assignment is designed to teach you multiple design concepts as well as a valuable real life skill.

This project focuses on the design principle of Scale.

Scale refers to the size of an object in relationship to another object. In art the size relationship between different objects, or within the particular measurements of a single object is also referred to as Proportion.

So you will learn how to use unit scales and learn about proportions. You will learn how to think creatively within grids, and how to merge functionality and art to create something useful.

If you see architecture as a future career option, then this assignment is perfect for you. However, even if you don't have an interest in architecture, you will eventually buy a house and knowing what makes a good layout will help you make smart decisions as a future home owner.

This project will take some time to complete as it is composed of multiple parts. First you must learn the basics of scale and the conventions of architectural design by making an architectural guide. This is like a miniature version of you larger project.

Once that is done, you then begin creating your own architectural layout. That's right, this will be your very own creation and you get to arrange your house however you like with as many rooms and kitchens and bathrooms as you wish. While there are some requirements related to the size and spacing of the room and their relationship to each other, there is an almost infinite way to make this assignment your own. It'll take time, but in the end you will leave with your own design of your own dream home.

Benchmark #3 - Scale.pdf