Statistical Infographics

An infographic comes from combining the words “information” with “graphic.” As its name suggests it is a visual way of presenting information. Infographics have the advantage of being able to explain relatively complicated concepts or processes in a simple way that any person can understand. The purpose of an infographic is not to represent all the complexity of a given topic but to explain at least the basics.

Your Midterm for Computer Graphics is to create an infographic. You will have one day to plan and one day (The day of the final) to execute the project.

The topic of your infographic is looking at humanity through a simple analogy: Imagine that the entire human population (Currently over 7.6 billion people) could be condensed into a society of just 100. That means each person would represent about 76 million people. How would certain figures look in this hypothetical society? As you work on this project, think about what is the advantage of visualizing figures in this way?

Your job is to represent this humanity in infographic form and answer 5 of the following 11 questions:

How many people have access to internet?

How many people have access to clean drinking water?

How many people live in a democracy? How many don’t?

How many people are literate?

How many people speak english?

How many people have a college education?

How many people experience war?

How many people have access to adequate healthcare?

How many people live in poverty (less than $2.50 per day)?

How many people live with the thread of starvation?

How many people are refugees?

In order for you to complete this task take a look at the resource below. This guide, courtesy of is a helpful document detailing certain considerations, including how to organize your information, how to choose colors and fonts and how to represent things in visual form.

How to Make an Infographic - A Visual Guide for Beginners By Visme 2.pdf

Project Requirements

Create your infographic using Adobe Illustrator.

The size of your page should be 11x17in or 17x11 inches.

Your infographic should have 5 sections, each one answering one of the questions above.

You Must include a title and your name somewhere on the page.

A quick google search will probably get you the answer for each question.

Put your question in terms of a percentage and then round up. For example: "Percentage of people who have access to cellphones."

However, make sure you are using credible sources.

You must use 5 different types of visualizations. For example, square grids, pie charts,

The proportion of your charts must be mathematically accurate.

You must use a color combination and a font combination coming from from the guide.

Export as .jpg in the correct number.

This is due when the bell rings at the end of the Midterm day.

Sarabia's Example: