How to Animate a Camera and Render Movie in Cheeta3d

1. Once you finish your 3d model and you want to animate the camera, make sure you both Click on your camera AND the activate the four animation buttons. They should be blue as shown (a).

2. Make sure your time is at 0 (b)

3. Move your camera to your desired starting position using the camera tools (c)

4. Click the record button (d)

5. Click on the "Last Frame" button (a) and make sure that your orange time marker goes all the way to the end of the timeline (b).

5. Move your camera to the desired ending position.

6. Click on the record button (c).

7. Click on the "Play" button to check your animation. (d)

8. You can add more keyframes between the first and last frame by moving your time marker, moving your camera, and clicking on record again.

9. If your animation plays the way you want it you are now ready to Render.

10. Click on the movie button as shown above. This will begin rendering your animation. Depending on how long your animation is, the render will take a while.

11. Once the Redner is finished, play your animation to check it it. If you are happy with your animation, then click on the "Save" button to save your movie.

12. Change the name of your file.

13. Make sure you know where in the computer you are saving your file.

14. The codec for your movie has to be H.264.

15. Click on Save.