The Creative Process


Step #1 - Begin with a question or a problem

This assignment consists of you creating your own infographic about the creative process. However, in order to show that you have fully understood the process, you will have to complete and show each step of the creative process in your development of your own infographic.

To the right is my own version of the infographic, you have already become familiar with. So the first step is understanding your assignment. To summarize, you are:

  • Creating an original infographic in Adobe Illustrator
  • This infographic will be your own version of the "Creative Process"
  • Your infographic must be composed of different shapes using different colors and legible writing.
  • Your infographic must look substantially different from mine.
  • You must follow the steps of the creative process to create your infographic. You must document this process.
  • Your infographic must show a clear sequence of steps just like mine. You can use position, arrows, or lines to direct your viewer's attention through your infographic.

Step #2 - Research & Get Inspired

Start to get inspired by going to google and looking up other examples of infographics. Take particular attention to the colors, shapes and styes other people use. Create a folder in your computer where you will download at least 15 different images that you will use as inspiration. Your final infographic must use elements from this research.

Step #3 - Analyze & Brainstorm

Use the grid paper that Sarabia has provided to begin sketching basic ideas of how you infographic will look. This is not meant to a prototype draft but a way for you to explore different ideas. Create at least 6 different initial ideas and brainstorm how your final infographic might look.

Step #4 - Draft and Prototype

Step #5 - Feedback and Refine

Step #6 - Present & Deliver