Transportation Concept

Your final for this class is to create a concept vehicle of the future. One the biggest challenges we as humans must solve in the near future are the problems of energy and climate change. For that reason, you will try to imagine a fuel efficient, low emission vehicle that can take people from one place to another.

This is a fairly open assignment, requiring you imagination and creativity. For that reason, the vehicle can take any number of forms. Your vehicle can be an electric bike, a small car, a type of motorcycle, scooter, etc. However, certain requirements must be followed.

  • You must follow the Creative Process you have learned in this class. This will help guide your decisions and allow you to create the best model possible.
  • You must write a proposal explaining the type of vehicle you are creating, its features and what makes it a sustainable and environment friendly mode of transportation.
  • You will have one day to draw quick prototypes and then your entire final day to model your project in Cheetah 3d. Your project should be detailed enough to look real, including adding details for moving parts. Your should have at least 10 polygons, 1 Boolean, and extensive use of the Cover feature in order to create a realistic model.
  • Make sure that you place your model in a light box and render it.
  • Put a picture of your model and your written proposal in the same document using Apple Pages.
  • Turn in this file as a .pdf document.