Music Video

Music videos are a cultural staples that both define and reflect our modern understanding of art and culture. In the most effective examples, music videos are used by artists to extend their message and add depth to meaning by juxtaposing impactful images to their songs. Your assignment is to use the tools in Adobe Premier or to create a music video using 3 different sources.

Your Assignment must consist of the following:

  • 3 school-appropriate video sources that have nothing to do with your song but which all share a common theme with each other. These videos can include movie trailers, other music videos, or random footage. In my example I used scenes from 3 different movie trailers: Space Odyssey 2001, First Man, and the recent Blade Runner movie.
  • 1 school-appropriate song or musical score that will serve as the basis or soundtrack of your video. I chose a medium tempo song by Muse that has clearly defined beats.
  • Edit to the music. Your cuts should match the natural beats of the song and the cuts must alter in length throughout the video. To find the beat of a song try to clap your hands along with it. Your cuts should almost always happen on a clap. Watch other videos for reference.
  • During the chorus parts the cuts should be more frequent to add momentum to the video.
  • No scene should last longer than five seconds.
  • If there are fades to black or blackouts, they should follow the music and not be longer than one beat.
  • Your music video must alternate frequently between your video sources. at least 6 times every 30 seconds.
  • Export as an H.264 HD 1080p 23 fps.
  • You will be presenting your video to the class so keep that in mind as you edit.