C.Graph Units

Mr. sarabia | Periods 2 & 4 | Spring 2018

Unit 1 - Introduction to the class

Unit 1 - 1 Week

  • Students will understand that a common sense approach to respect and professionalism helps develop a nurturing and positive learning environment.
  • Students will understand that even though different subjects are typically presented as entirely separate disciplines, all subjects are actually interrelated. Thus in this class we will look at art, science, history, language, psychology and design.

Unit 2 - History: Innovations & Innovators

Unit 2 - 2 Weeks

  • Students will understand that sight is a phenomenon dependent on the existence of physical entities, called electromagnetic waves, which are interpreted by biological structures (our eyes and brain).
  • Students will be able to articulate how our psychology plays a large role in what we perceive and how this sometimes does not completely reflect reality.

Unit 3 - Life: Bio-Graphics

Unit 3 - 2 Weeks

  • Students will understand that art has played a central role in the development of human civilization since the beginning of recorded history
  • Students will understand writing and images serve essentially the same function when it comes to communication and their semiotic functions are essential the same.
  • Students will recognize various innovations that have allowed humans to expand their ability to communicate visually.

Unit 4 - Math Models & Infographics

Unit 4 - 1 Week

  • Students will understand that there are multiple lucrative career options under the visual communications umbrella. They will also understand that regardless of the career they follow, these concepts and skills will still be invaluable.
  • Students will be able to recognize the importance of a visual identity and learn to develop their own or strengthen an existing one, either for their own business or for any organization they will be a part of in the future.

Unit 5 - Forces: Physics

Unit 5 - 2 Week

  • Students will understand that images can be turned into powerful visual arguments which follow standard rules of rhetoric.
  • Students will be able to recognize that most modern advertising weaponizes our attraction to images and rhetorical arguments, and that these advertisements use powerful signal to alter our behavior and manipulate our choices.

6 - Astronomy & Engineering

Unit 6 - 8 Weeks

  • Students will understand that through we are all different, most humans are drawn to certain artistic elements and that this recognition is a result of our evolution and interaction with the natural world.
  • Students will be able to recognize the principles used in art, architecture, writing and any other art form, as well as writing.
  • Students will learn the Principles of Design so they may in turn produce communication, whether visual or written, that is beautiful, clear and compelling.

Unit 7 - Final Portfolio

Unit 7 - 2 Weeks

  • Students will understand the importance of compiling their work into a portfolio to display their skills, track their growth and reflect about the many concepts they have learned. Students will recognize that this process will benefit them in virtually any career they choose.

  • Students will be able to present and defend their work in front of people, field questions from an audience and use the many tools of multimedia to create a compelling presentation.