Digital Norms

All our digital device norms stem from one basic principle:

Use your common sense in an Academic environment.

This class subscribes these common sense norms in order to create a positive and nurturing learning digital environment for all students. As such, the following behaviors are NOT permitted and will result in the the immediate termination of access to computers and equipment at the Sac High Media Lab. The length of this termination depends on the gravity of the behavior and can range from a few minutes, to a whole day to no longer being able to use the computer. These rules apply both during class session and during breaks, during lunch and after school:

  • Searching or displaying inappropriate material, including images, animation, video or sound with derogatory, sexual or violent content, drug use, gang affiliation or anything outside of standard academic norms
  • Searching or displaying derogatory, xenophobic, homophobic or racist images, videos or content
  • Using any of the aforementioned inappropriate content on any of your projects. These projects will get an automatic NCR
  • Internet searches for the purpose of roasting bullying
  • Games with violent content such as first person shooters
  • Games in general during class sessions.
  • Turning off your computer by holding the power button or turning off the power supply.
  • Using e-mail, direct messaging apps, or other forms of communication to taunt, bully, roast, mock, threaten or attack other students
  • Music that can be overheard
  • Hacking, locally or externally
  • Air Dropping unwanted content on other computers or devices
  • Plagiarizing work or copying work from other accounts
  • Logging in to someone else's computer, e-mail or social media accounts
  • Use of phones in class
  • Snapchatting, instagraming, texting or using any social media at any time inside the classroom
  • Running scripts or hacks that alter the normal operation of the computers or programs
  • Installing unauthorized programs or extension on the computer including proxies to bypass school blocks
  • Streaming movies or shows during class sessions
  • Physically breaking or mishandling equipment