Class Norms

Scholar Expectations

All our class norms stem from one basic principle:

We will all be decent, empathetic, respectful and considerate human beings.

  • We will practice respect and empathy
  • One Mic, one Voice
  • Respect other people's space
  • Raise your hand to participate in a discussion or request something
  • Fill out your handbook Bathroom pass before asking to go to the restroom. Remember, you only get 3 per semester
  • SLANT during lectures
  • Remain in your seat during lectures and demonstrations as well as the first and last 5 minutes of class
  • Treat all the equipment with care
  • Keep a clean area, clean up even if it is not your mess
  • Help other students by politely describing what they need to do. Don’t do things for them.
  • Take notes of important information such as steps to complete a task or computer shortcuts
  • Own your voice. When speaking, use full sentences and a clear voice
  • Do your best, and keep trying even when the assignments become difficult. Effort and perseverance matter.
  • Stay curious and ask lots of questions!
  • Seek help when needed

This class subscribes these common sense norms in order to create a positive and nurturing learning environment for all students. As such, the following behaviors are NOT permitted:

  • Disrespect towards other students or staff
  • Talking over other students or teacher
  • Rudeness, including telling other students to “Shut up”
  • Derogatory, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic language
  • Cursing
  • Bullying or roasting , including sending or opening images or google searches to make fun of people
  • Play-fighting
  • Touching other students without permission
  • Loud disruptions, including yelling, having a conversation across the classroom, calling out other students, singing or rapping out loud, etc
  • Non-constructive feedback
  • Talking during silent time
  • Watching videos or playing games on the computers
  • Loud music from any device, including headphones
  • Uninvited Air-dropping to people's devices or computers
  • Being out of uniform
  • Open containers of food or drinks in the lab
  • Mistreating or breaking equipment
  • Banging or hitting desks tops
  • Accessing or trying to access other students’ computers or accounts
  • Air dropping inappropriate content on computers
  • Inappropriate content in general, including allusions to violence, drugs or sexual content
  • Texting or receiving calls, listening to music on your phone or having a phone out during class
  • Arguing about subjects not relevant to class
  • Doing other classwork during class when you are not done with our assignments
  • Leaving your seat or standing within the 5 or last 5 minutes before the final bell
  • Copying or plagiarizing other people's files

Failure to adhere to these common sense norms will result in a conversation and a short written assignment. This is not a form of punishment but an opportunity to reflect on your choices. Should you refuse to write the reflective paragraphs you will be sent to have a conversation with a dean, receive JAG, and you will still have to write the paragraph before using the equipment in the class again.

Reflection Paragraphs: