How to: Garageband for narration

1. Plug in your USB microphone. In this class we will be using either the Blue Snowball or Blue Yeti.

2. Open up Garage Band

3. When Garage Band Opens, Select "Empty Project and click "Choose"

4. The New Track window should open. If it doesn't, click on Track > New Tack.

5. Select the Microphone icon and click on the Circled Arrow Underneath the Input button

6. The Preferences window should come up. For the "Output Device" setting you want to choose "System Setting." For the "Input Device" you want to choose the name of the USB Microphone, either Snowball or Yeti.

You can always come back to this window by Clicking Garage Band > Preferences on your menu.

7. To hear your audio, click on the icon right next to the track volume fader, as shown. When you are ready to record click on the "Record" button.

While you record:

  • Record in a quiet space
  • Speak clearly
  • Speak about 6 inches away from the microphone
  • If you mess up start at the beginning of the previous sentence.

8. If you want to edit your track once you are done recording you can split your audio and delete sections. If you want to split your audio track, move your time cursor to the place you want to split. Then press Command+T. Do the same at some other point and you can select and delete the space in between.

9. When you are ready to export your track as an audio file Go to Share > Export Song to Disk

10. Choose a name and a location and click on "MP3" High Quality and click on "Export"