Study Guide

Inovators Quiz

1. Name one ancient precursor to modern computers

2. Who is considered to be the first ever computer programer?

3. How long did it take to build the Analytical Engine?

4. Alan Turing's primary contribution to the world was:

5. This was a 1947 invention that would revolutionize the world and would allow computers to become smaller and smaller.

6. Ed Catmull is known for:

7. The first computer with a mouse, graphical interface and windows you could click on and move around was:

8. Who created the World Wide Web in what year?

9. What was the name of the first Web Browser?

10. What year was Google Founded and by whom?

11. What was google's main function when it launched?

12. What year was YouTube Launched?

13. What year was the Apple iPhone Introduced?

14. What is special about a Quantum Computer?

15. What does AI stand for?

Photoshop Quiz

1. What is the standard size for a project in Photoshop?

2. What is the resolution for a standard project in Photoshop?

3. If your tools or your Layers window is missing how do you get it back?

4. What is the process to get a transparent png to your Photoshop project from google?

5. What is the process to get a regular .jpg picture to your Photoshop project from google?

6. How do you change the size of an image in Photoshop?

7. How do you ensure that your pictures keep their proportion when you resize them in Photoshop?

8. Where can you find the Blending Modes and what is this setting used for?

9. What is the process to create a Layer Mask in Photoshop.

10. What is the process to save your image as a .jpg in Photoshop?