The Sun

1. Create a new file that is 4x4 inches and a resolution of 300dpi. Name this file a-sun.

2. Paint your Canvas black. To do this, find your Paint Bucket tool (usually hidden under the Gradient Tool), change the Foreground color to Black

3. Create two guides form the side and the top to divide the page. Your guides should fall right at 2in. If you cannot see your rulers, press Command+R.

4. Find your Elliptical Marquee Tool (or press M until you get it). Go to the intersection of your guides. Press and hold Option, Click and Drag, Press shift, continue dragging until your circle is the right size. Then let go of the mouse click, then let go of shift and then of command.

5. Go back to your Paint Bucket tool. On your Options bar below the menu, change the Paint bucket setting from "Foreground" to "Pattern"

6. Then open up your patterns by clicking on the arrow next to the texture. You need to identify this specific rock pattern. If you do not see it, Click on the options icon and find "Rock Patterns. Fill out your circle with this pattern.

7. Click on Select and Deselect to get rid of your circle selection.

7. Once your glowing circle is gone, go to Filter>Distort>Polar Coordinates

Polar coordinates is a filter that can convert a circle into a square and square into the circle.

8. Choose "Polar to Rectangular" and press OK.

9. Image>Adjustments> 90 CW to turn the image sideways

10. Filter>Stylize>Wind to create a wind effect. Make sure you select "Wind" and "From Right" and press ok

11. Duplicate this effect by going to Filter>Wind. Do this about two or three more times until you get this result.

12. Now we will begin to reverse the Filters. First to to Image>Image Rotation>90 CCW

13. Filter>Distort>Polar Coordinates, but this time choose "Rectangular to Polar"

14. Filter>Liquify and then use the "forward warp tool" and use this setting to add a little waviness to the edges of our sun:

15. We are now ready to add color to our sun. Go to Image>Adjustments>Gradient Map.

16. Click on the Gradient on the Gradient Map window (Shown here in red)

17. On the gradient editor window that will come up, create the following colors. Black, Yellow, Orange and Red on the Gradient bard.

18. Congratulations, you have now created a sun. In order to save it go to File>Save As...

19. Go to your "In Progress" folder and create a new folder. Your new folder should be a number corresponding to the next assignment. Once you create your folder save your image as a .jpg.