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                    Adobe CC vs CS    Web
Amazon Tips    Here
Amazon Prime gets monthly plans    G
hacks    Here
Access ~~~ Files on Windows PC    M

Android, Mirror an ~~~ Screen Using TeamViewer in Windows    Make    Here
Chrome, Save to Google Chrome extensions    Ghacks
Context Menu Editors,
4 of the Best ~~~ for Windows   
Make    Here
How to take a screenshot on your Mac    APPLE    HERE    
Are There any Risks in Using Y-Cables with USB Peripheral Devices?     How
Laptop Buying Guide for 2016    Make
6 Useful Google Chrome Features     Make    Here
Fire TV Stick, Dùng Android Stick + file .M3U để xem TV    W
eb    Here
Firefox, Use Clean Uninstall to remove add-on preferences      G
How to Hide Files in JPEG Pictures    WEB    HERE
Extensions, 10 Ad Blocking ~~~Tested    Web    Here
External GPUs: Good Idea or the Next Big Flop?    W
eb    Here
Extra Keys: write characters your keyboard lacks
How to Add and Manage Bookmarks on Safari for iPhone    How
8 Ways to Make Use of Your Old PC with Linux    Make    Here
How to Prevent Mac from Sleeping When You Close the Lid    Make    Here
IDM Crack-Patch Download Site    Web    Here
How 4K Cameras Compare to 4K Video from Your Smartphone How
Top 10 Laptop Trends for 2016    Web    Here
Buy a USB Type-C Cable That Won’t Damage Your Devices    How
USB-C: không đơn giản như bạn tưởng    Web
Easily Clean Your Mac Using Dr. Cleaner    Make    FREE - Dr. Cleaner
Deleting a Single Picture or Video from Messages in iOS    OSX    Here
Search a Site That Has No Search Box    Ask    Here

Excel 2013,
Fit all Spreadsheet Columns on One Page    W
eb    Here
Excel 2013, Print Center Layout    Here

Google, Google Drive gets selective sync    G
hacks    Here
Google, Photos - Khai thác tối đa     T
GTH    Here
Những thủ thuật với ~~~
    WEB    HERE
Google, Animate GIF for ~~~ Site WEB    Here
Google, 18 Things .... Google Photos Can Do    How
Google, Take Full Advantage of ~~~Photos    Make

Transfer Files Between Android and PC    M
ake    Here
Smartphone, iPhone is Disabled?     OSX    Here
Smartphone, Tận dụng ~~~cũ    W
eb    Here
Smartphone, De-Register Apple ID, iCloud, iMessage & FaceTime    Web    Here
Word, Insert Blocks of Text in ~~~ with AutoText    How
Center Text Vertically on the Page in ~~~   H
ow    Here
Virus, Scan using Kaspersky Rescue Disk    Kas    Here
Virus, Avast Antivirus 2015 Compatibility Issues with Win10    Web    Here
Virus, Avast Antivirus Issues in Wind-10, more fixes    Web

Windows 10, Better Use of Microsoft Edge Browser    Make 
Windows 10, Boot the system from USB -CD.DVD       Web    Here
Windows 10, Compact OS Feature in ~~~       Make
Windows 10,
Custom Message on the ~~~ Login Screen
ake    Here
Windows 10, Do a Clean Install of ~~~, the Easy Way    How    Here
Windows 10, Dùng Microsoft Account trên ~~~ có lợi gi ?    Here    Web
Windows 10, Enable the Hibernate Option in ~~~ Make
Windows 10,
How to Block the Edge Browser in ~~~    M
ake    Here
Windows 10, PIN login not work    Here
Windows 10, ~~~ cannot shutdown    Web    Here
Windows 10, Customize This PC on ~~~ Ghacks    Here     - dled Winaero Tweaker
Windows 10, "We can't create a recovery drive on this PC"
Windows 10, won't boot     Web    Here
Windows 10, Delete Update Cache to Reclaim Space    Make    Here
Windows 10, 9 Little Tweaks      Make    Here
Windows 10, Pin Website Links (Edge Browser) to START    Make    Here
Windows 10, Switch to a Local Account    G
hacks    Here
Windows All, How can I get Vista on my new computer?    W
eb    Here
Windows All, Power Options: Balanced, Power Saver, or ....... ?    How    Here
Windows All, Uninstall the Product Key for Use on a New PC    Here
Windows All, WinToHDD, install Windows without DVD or USB    Ghacks    Here
Windows All, defragmenting is still a useful thing    Ghacks    Here
Windows All, Product Key Free for You
    FREE    Here
Windows All, 5 đĩa cứu hộ hệ thống tốt nhất     TGTH    Here
Windows All, Download ISO files direct from Microsoft  Web  TGTH    Here
Windows All, Win10 Security Plus review    Ghacks
Windows All, On-Screen Keyboard on Windows 7, 8, and 10    How
Windows All, Speed up the Windows right-click menu    Ghacks    Here
Windows All, Let Standard Users Run Programs as Admin    Make