Coloquio del 03/10/2017

Surface functionalization with femtosecond lasers

Chunlei Guo

University of Rochester


Auditorio de Física PUCP

(Av. Universitaria cdra. 18, San Miguel, Lima)

Fecha y hora:

Martes 03/10/2017, 3:00 p.m.

Femtosecond laser materials processing is a rapidly advancing field due to its high precision and versatility. In this talk, I will discuss a number of techniques developed in my lab that allow us to functionalize material surfaces through femtosecond laser processing. The techniques led to the creation of the so-called black and colored metals, brighter incandescent light sources, superhydrophillic and superhydrophobic surfaces. Possible applications of the functionalized materials will also be discussed. (Click aquí para ver el afiche.)

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