Coloquio del 10/04/2017-b

Assistance and robotics: application to human mobility

Eric Monacelli

Université Paris-Saclay / Université de Versailles


Auditorio de Física PUCP

(Av. Universitaria cdra. 18, San Miguel, Lima)

Fecha y hora:

Lunes 10/04/2017, 2:40 p.m.

Mobility is an essential issue in the autonomy and social participation of people. Depending on the needs of users, assistance may depend on environmental management (urban accessibility) and/or on the introduction of "technical assistance". Our approach is based on understanding needs by analyzing the interaction of the user with their environment. This phase is based on a scenario (on a physical or virtual platform) to perform a functional evaluation of the actions of the user. This allows to design new solutions of the elements of robotics with adapted interfaces. The assistance system must be able to adapt to the specific needs of each user. Our approach integrates the phases of learning (learning aid/serious game) to promote the mastery of the system. Our project at UVSQ focused on the structuring of a pole linking research, teaching, and innovation with users. This cluster is an ecosystem that works with a LivingLab approach to promote new forms of urban mobility. (Click aquí para ver el afiche.)

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