Coloquio del 13/06/2014

A brief introduction to

micro-electronic-mechanical systems (MEMS)

Thomas Adams

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, EE.UU.


Auditorio de Física PUCP

(Av. Universitaria cdra. 18, San Miguel, Lima)

Fecha y hora:

Viernes 13/06/2014, 4:00 p.m.

Miniaturization is fast becoming a dominant theme in all of science and technology. Micro-electro-mechanical systems, or MEMS, can be found in a wide range of applications, from airbag sensors in cars, to switching devices in fiber optics networks, to micro-fluidic applications used in chemical assays and drug discovery. Given the small scale of MEMS, for which the base unit of measure is 1 μm = 10^-6 m, both great opportunities as well as significant challenges exist in their development, implementation, and analysis.

In this interdisciplinary talk, an introductory treatment of MEMS will be given. Fabrication, device functionality, modeling strategies, and potential areas for future development will all be discussed. (Click aquí para ver el afiche.)

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