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Links to Other Websites You Might Enjoy if You Like Game Time With Mister Raroo


(R.I.P.) A solid mainstream gaming site that provides robust blogs for its users.

4 Color Rebellion

Their description reads "Games, Comics, and Life" and you will find plenty of all three there.


Localization company that also makes an incredibly enjoyable podcast.

Action Button

Atypical game reviews by Tim Rogers and other writers.

Atamaii Toy Reviews

Stu Carter's entertaining toy reviews.

Attract Mode

A fine source for video game culture.

The Brick Show

An outstanding place to find LEGO reviews.

A wonderful resource about bad stuff.

Cory Schmitz

Hub for designer Cory Schmitz's skillful work.

Crunk Games

The best spot for Boku no Natsuyasumi and Game Center CX episode information.

Dream and Friends

Danny Cowan's outstanding gaming blog.

exp. Magazine

Mathew Kumar's classy independent gaming zine.


Still the most extensive collection of video game FAQs/walkthroughs anywhere.

Gamer's Quarter

One of the classiest video game zines that ever existed.


(R.I.P.) Lots of niche gaming tidbits and home to the Game Time column.


Jamie Love's gaming site that sometimes features Mister Raroo articles.

The Gay Gamer

Brian Ochalla's awesome video game blog that's heavy on retro gaming love.


A ridiculously thorough recap of Nintendo information posted on various gaming sites plus some original stuff, too.

Hardcore Gaming 101

An exhaustive looks at the types of games dedicated enthusiasts care about.

Infinite Garage

Raina Lee (1up Mega-Zine) goes through 35 years' worth of stuff in a huge garage.

Infinite Lives

Jenn Frank's site "Exploring the value of videogames-as-iconography in art, literature, and popular culture."

Insert Credit

The off-the-beaten-track gaming site that Brandon Sheffield built.

Jeysen Jürgensen's Game Industry Notes

There are gaming journalists, and then there is Jeysen.


One of the better high-profile gaming news and reviews websites.

Lost Levels

Frank Cifaldi's website about unreleased video games.


Kevin Gifford's blog covering video games, Japan, and other such things.

Maré Odomo

Charming artwork from the creator of Letters to an Absent Father.

National Console Support

One of the top online sources for import video games.

NeoGAF Gaming Forum

Perhaps the most infamous gaming forum around, but a spectacular source for information.


Nifty video game-inspired artwork and the like from Lamar Abrams.

No Flying No Tights

A thorough collection of graphic novel/anime reviews for librarians. Mister Raroo writes reviews for NFNT.


SignofZeta's super podcast about vintage anime, toys, video games, and the like.

Paul Robertson

Creator of amazing pixel art.

Play Asia

One of the best online sources for import games at decent prices.


A wonderful collection of retro gaming information.


The home of Ray Barnholt's self-published video game magazine.

Sector: Neo Geo Pocket

Joel Hamilton's Neo Geo Pocket website that Mister Raroo wrote reviews for once upon a time.

Sexy Videogameland

Leigh Alexander's personal video game blog.


Remains the best place to find information about one of gaming's most niche subgenres.

Skylander Boy and Girl

YouTube channel of Kaz's favorite Skylander-loving family.


The gaming (and, uh... baking?) blog of Jeremy Parish and guest contributors.

Text and Violence

Brian Cross's often-cranky blog that covers video games, comics, and other nerdy things.


Paleface's database of game impressions presented in an easy-to-search format.


One of the smartest places to go for people who like indie games.

Tiny Cartridge

Hands-down the best gaming site covering DS and 3DS games.

Touch Arcade

A plethora of iOS gaming news and reviews that is updated very frequently.


Really cute DIY items created by a family of wonderful Raroo allies.