Turn Up The Heat

Post date: Jul 6, 2011 5:57:54 AM

I didn't realize I hated summer so much. As a kid, summer was the best because it meant vacation. All day long I would hang out and play video games, watch TV, eat snacks, and enjoy the air-conditioning, all the while letting an entire school year's worth of learning slowly fade into but a distant memory.

Now as an adult, I finally understand why all the grown-ups seemed to despite summer back when I was a kid: It kind of sucks if you're not a kid. We still have to get up early so we can go to work, and while all the kids are at home lounging about, we're slaving away to earn a day's wages. No fair. And, I know I'm officially getting old because whenever I see a pack of kids roaming about, all I do is cringe and count the days until school begins again.

But worst of all, I didn't realize how much I hate the heat. Like, I HATE it! Sweating is not fun. Yet this summer has already been darn hot and I feel like I've got a constant film of moisture on my brow at all times. Nasty.

Plus, since Missus Raroo and I are too cheap to turn on our expensive air-conditioning, it's been getting upwards of 90 degrees in our home at times. The horror! And it's only going to get hotter in the next few months. September and October have traditionally been the worst months of all. Double horror!

As long as it cools down at night, I can tolerate the heat during the day. But this past week it's still been kind of muggy and nasty at night, so that makes sleeping uncomfortable. Hopefully I'll acclimate to the heat soon enough so I can get a good night's rest.

I can't wait for the fall when the weather finally begins to cool, all the little monsters are back in school, and I can sleep without feeling like I'm in a sauna. But for now, this grumpy (not quite so) old man will just wallow in his sweaty misery, trying not to move too much and pointing every fan in the vicinity in his direction.