Sick on Easter

Post date: Apr 25, 2011 4:05:35 AM

I woke up feeilng pretty crummy today, but not as bad as my son and especially my daughter. We're all under the weather this Easter! My daughter has it the worst, and she has been pretty miserable all day. However, her sweet personality shines through the fog of her unhappiness from time to time, so there were smiles peppered in with her cries. My wife was also not functioning at 100% today, either. In other words, we were far from being in tip top shape this Easter.

It didn't help matters that we kind of pigged out on unhealthy food. Macaroni and cheese casserole, hot dogs, candy, strawberry shortcake. We are going to pay the price later, I'm sure. My son has been complaining of a sore tummy all day, and there have been many "false alarm" trips to the bathroom on his part.

Even the weather was weird today. When the day began the sun was out in full force and it was warm, so we got dressed as if it was going to be a typical Spring day in San Diego. But not long after we'd left our home the clouds came out and there were even traces of drizzle. We ended up staying inside most of the day thanks to the cold air.

All the same, we had a good time being together, which is what counts most of all. It was cute to see our kids hunt for Easter eggs, and though we know better, it was also fun to eat junk food and be lazy. Now we'll hopefully turn in early to bed so we can rest up and get over feeling sick!