Gender Neutral (Part 2)

Post date: Apr 25, 2011 9:19:45 PM

We took my wife's car in for an oil change today. My son wanted to bring his Zoobles along with him, which we didn't mind as we knew they would keep him entertained. A few minutes after we'd set up camp in the children's lounge, another boy came in and eyed the Zoobles with curiosity. He was about the same age as my son and before long the two boys were in Zoobles Heaven together.

After a little while the boy's older brother came in and sat down nearby. My son ran up to him and said, "Look! Zoobles!" My son was likely anticipating that the older boy would be just as excited as his younger brother was. Instead, a look of disgust came across the older boy's face and he said, "Those are for girls."

My son seemed a little taken aback, and I think a seed was quickly planted in his head that he was playing with "girl toys." The older boy then continued his assessment: "I mean, look at the colors." I quickly chimed in, "Anyone can play with them." The boy must have gotten the hint because he didn't say anything else after that.

My son brought a few more Zoobles over to the boy and was trying to point out which Zoobles were "boys," as if to prove they weren't "girl toys." Sadly, it was a somewhat futile attempt. He was basically explaining, "Well, that one's a girl, I'll give you that... but this one's a boy... I think."

I'm afraid that the short reign of Zoobles in our household might soon come to an end. It's too bad, too, because they are such awesome toys. I hope my son can ignore the words of that older boy and keep enjoying Zoobles, but I have a feeling he's already questioning just how cool Zoobles really are.