Meet the Raroos

Mister Raroo

With a mind that is always full of ideas, Mister Raroo has trouble finding time for all the of things he wants to do. But that doesn't stop him from being obsessed with them all the same! In addition to his duties as a husband, father, and librarian, Mister Raroo puts any leftover energy into video games. He loves playing video games, talking about video games, drawing pictures about video games, reading about video games, and even dreaming about video games. Mister Raroo is interested in exploring the ways video games and other passions intertwine with the rest of our lives. He loves so many games it's impossible to list any favorites!

Missus Raroo

Missus Raroo is the backbone of all Game Time content, focusing on editing, layout, and art direction. Though she doesn't play video games anywhere near the amount Mister Raroo does, she knows plenty about them thanks to patiently listening to Mister Raroo talk about games all the time. Plus, she's played through a good deal of games on her own over the years and is pretty darn proud of her taste. Missus Raroo's favorite video games of all time include Shenmue, Chrono Trigger, Phantasy Star Online, Shining Soul, Peggle, Hamtaro (series), Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, Typing of the Dead, and Dragon Quest VIII.