Public Nudity Without Shame

Post date: Apr 19, 2011 3:32:55 AM

This past weekend Missus Raroo and I took our kids to the drive-in movie theater to see Rio and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules. After the first movie ended, I took my son to use the bathroom.

He was slow to embrace using the potty, but now he's very proud to be a member of the underwear-wearing populance. The flipside is Missus Raroo and I have to keep a close eye on where the nearest public restroom is whenever we go out. A couple times our boy has had to just pee in the bushes because there was nowhere nearby he could otherwise go.

When we walked up to the urinal at the drive-in's restroom, my son pulled his pants down to his ankles and did his business. A couple of boys who were maybe three or four years older pointed at my son's exposed rear end and snickered to each other. Meanwhile, my little guy was oblivious to their laughter. Rather, he was simply proud he was one of the "big boys" using the potty and didn't give a second through to how silly he looked.

It's really charming that my son still is still so innocent that he doesn't see anything wrong with having his butt out for all to see. It's really too bad that our society is so uptight about such things. Maybe the next time we go use a public restroom I'll pull my pants all the way down in unison with my son!

(Okay, I probably won't do that. I don't think people nearby would want to see my booty.)