Tired Old Man

Post date: Jan 28, 2011 9:40:02 PM

I guess life has been exhausting lately, because I haven't been able to keep myself awake to play games after my kids fall asleep. My usual plan is to get them to sleep then slip downstairs for some game time before I head off to sleep myself. Lately, though, my eyelids have been too heavy and I've been falling asleep along with my little monsters.

The last few nights I thought maybe I'd compromise by bringing my DS and PSP along with me so I could play for a while in bed while my kids drifted off to dreamland. But that hasn't been working, either, and I begin nodding off the moment I turn my attention to a game. Last night I didn't even bother trying.

I suppose this is my body's way of telling me, "Hey, I'm tired! Go to sleep!" It's also a reminder that I'm getting older. I turn 35 next month, which means I am officially inching closer to midlife.

Humorously, even though I'm kind of old now I still have most of the same hobbies and interests that I had back when I was in junior high school. The difference is I just don't have the energy to pursue them with quite the same fervor. I also have newer "hobbies" like parenthood and full-time employment that are a little more exhausting (but more rewarding!) than when I was in 8th grade and could sit around playing Game Boy and thinking about boobs all day long.

In short: Being old is exhausting. Enjoy your youth, kids!