One of Them

Post date: Dec 1, 2010 7:59:00 AM

My wife and I recently decided that if (when?) the zombie apocalypse actually does descend upon us, it would be far too stressful to try and be a survivor. Thus, we will likely become zombies willingly.

That said, when the time comes, perhaps we'll end up being too chicken to let ourselves fall prey to the walking dead. After all, they're pretty scary.

But what type of an existence is worrying at every waking (and sleeping) moment that some freaking zombie might come crashing through a window or door you thought you had barricaded? No thanks. You wouldn't be able to enjoy life at all if you were constantly obsessing over whether or not any noise you hear is some zombie making its way toward you.

My only hope is that as a zombie I have some degree of consciousness where I can choose what survivors I go terrify. My uncle once told me that when he dies he hopes he's a ghost because there are people who have pissed him off and he'd like to have a chance to haunt them. The same holds true for my future foray into zombiehood. Don't make me mad, everyone, or I might come mess with you when I become a zombie!