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Bonus Game Time With Mister Raroo Content That Doesn't Quite Fit Into Other Categories

Attention, Libraries: It's Time to 'Switch' It Up

Mister Raroo is quoted in this article about how the Nintendo Switch can be used in libraries.

Miiverse Now Accessible Through Web Browsers

A Miiverse post by Mister Raroo is used as an example in this article from Joystiq.

Post-Coital Picking

Game idea conjured up with mooonmagic and brought to life at GameToilet.

A Picture of Flat Shaded Polygons, On a Fuzzy Arcade Monitor, With an iPhone Photo Filter Applied

(written by Matt Hawkins).

Mister Raroo contributed photos for use in the post.

El Cajon Daddy Reports on Camp Marston's Family Fun Day 2012

Mister Raroo writes about having fun with his family at Camp Marston's open house event.

Introducting ZiGGURAT.

Mister Raroo illustrated the article (written by Tim Rogers).

10 Stupid Things Terribly Wrong with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Mister Raroo illustrated the article (written by Tim Rogers).

10 Things I Hate About Skyrim

Mister Raroo illustrated the article (written by Tim Rogers).

The Sims Social Review

Mister Raroo illustrated the game review (written by Tim Rogers).

Videogames in the Modern Public Library (Russian translation)

The Russian State Library for Young Adults officially translated Mister Raroo's article into Russian.

The Gamer's Quarter Issue 8

Mister Raroo wrote (and Missus Raroo illustrated) the article "Why Game? Why Not!?"

Handheld Heroes: The 50 Greatest Portable Games of All Time

(Appeared in Pocket Gamer Magazine and on 1up.com)

Mister Raroo contributed mini-reviews for Klax, Card Fighters Clash, Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament, Warioland 4, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, and Metal Slug 2nd Mission.

Microsoft Congratulates Barack Obama, Disses Kaz Hirai

(Humor article for Hardcasual.net)

Mister Raroo wrote the initial article/fake press release.

Mister Raroo's Flipnotes

Animations made using Nintendo's Flipnote Studio software

Gaming Journalism: Unplugged

(Article on 1up.com)

Features Game Time With Mister Raroo as one of the article's subjects.

Mister Raroo's Page on 1up.com

Mister Raroo's long-neglected blog on 1up.com. Lots of pre-GTWMR content.

Videogame Underground Theme Song

Mister Raroo's rendition of the VGUG theme song for a commercial that never happened.

MLIS ePortfolio

The graduate school ePortfolio of Mister Raroo's daytime librarian alter-ego.

Play Resource Hub

Simple Symbaloo webmix of resources about play and early learning in conjunction with a library project.

Scratch Bladder Productions

Very old and low-budget site created for "record label" co-created with Jonathan Apgar.