I Don't Mean to Brag, I Don't Mean to Boast

Post date: May 6, 2011 1:57:20 PM

Recently I've had a hankering for French Toast. Missus Raroo, the kids, and I spent the night at a friend's house a couple weeks ago and were treated to French Toast for breakfast. I hadn't eaten French Toast in quite a while before then, and I had forgotten just how awesome it is.

This week has turned out to be French Toast week for me. I've made it for myself the last two mornings, and I will be serving it Sunday for Mother's Day when we entertain my mom for a special breakfast. I've woken up a little earlier than I usually do the last couple days and since I've had enough extra time to make French Toast, I've thought "Well, why not go crazy?"

Now, French Toast is far from being the most nutritious meal, I suppose, but I've been trying to make it as healthy as possible. I've been using organic whole wheat bread dipped in a mix of egg and almond milk with a touch of cinnamon. In place of traditional syrup I've been using organic raw blue agave. I think that's not bad at all health-wise, actually! And it tastes more or less the same as any other French Toast I've ever eaten, so I'm certainly enjoying it.

I probably shouldn't make French Toast a regular breakfast habit, and I wonder if I'll burn out on eating it soon enough. Then again, I'm the guy that brings the same exact thing for lunch every single day at work (seasoned ground turkey breast, brown rice, carrots, hummus, applesauce, water). But for today, at least, hooray for French Toast!