No Asprin Needed

Post date: Apr 16, 2011 5:16:23 PM

I never jumped on the 3D bandwagon, mainly because watching 3D movies always seemed to make my eyes hurt. Thus, I was really worried the 3DS would lead to terrible headaches. Heck, I was even worried that I wouldn't be able to see the 3D at all -- enough so that I even had a nightmare to that effect! To make matters worse, when I finally had the chance to try a 3DS at a Best Buy location, I immediately felt a tinge of dizziness. Uh-oh!

But, as it turns out, I've had absolutely no problems with the 3DS. When I got my hands on my own 3DS, I’ll admit that I powered it on with more than a little trepidation. However, that soon gave way to enthusiasm and excitement once I fired up Face Raiders, the awesomely crazy Augmented Reality game that comes installed on the system. Then I started goofing around with snapping 3D photos and I was in love. Other than the low resolution of the cameras (two are required for 3D photos), taking 3D pictures is so fun.

And then I realized I had some games to go with my new system, so I tried the software. Wow! I was not prepared for just how cool games like Steel Diver would look. Even though I had watched some videos of the game, the only way you can experience the impact of the visuals is by seeing them on the 3DS itself. Playing Steel Diver is like peering into a tiny aquarium. Super Street Fighter IV 3D looks like a shiny little diorama in motion. Pilot Wings Resort gives you a real feeling of height as you're soaring over a beautiful island. Driving through the courses Ridge Racer 3D provides an impressive amount of depth.

In short, I'm a believer!

I can't wait to see what Nintendo has cooking for the 3DS. There is a new Super Mario game in the works, Mario Kart 3DS looks like it'll be wonderful, and the new Paper Mario game will no doubt be a delight, but beyond that, it's all pretty much a mystery at this point. There are some favorite series I’d like to see make a return. For instance, I'd love Nintendo to revisit Luigi's Mansion. But overall, I just want Nintendo’s development teams' imaginations to run wild. As much as I love the tried and true Nintendo franchises, I get most excited when they try something new like Steel Diver.

This year’s E3 will certainly be where the floodgates are released and Nintendo drops lots of information about new 3DS games. Oh, and rumor has it the Wii's successor is going to be shown off, too, which I’m totally curious about. Still, it's the 3DS that has my attention now, and I'm mostly looking forward to seeing what the road ahead holds for my new little handheld system. Thankfully, I at least know there won't be any headaches in the future!