Chibi Magical Vacation

Post date: Nov 30, 2010 5:53:52 AM

Weekend getaways can be as fun as longer vacations. This past weekend the Raroos headed up to the Los Angeles area (Chatsworth, to be precise) to visit family. We had a great time hanging out and ate more than our fill of hummus and Hawaiian shaved ice. I managed to squeeze in some game time, too, and enjoyed plenty of Words With Friends and Dragon Quest IX.

Today we stopped off at Disneyland before heading back home. It was a wonderful time. I somehow managed to persuade my son to brave Space Mountain with me. I had to convince him we were going to "toot" on aliens (he's in a potty humor phase all of a sudden), which was a prospect he could get behind. Thankfully, he wasn't too shaken up by the ride, although he had no desire to have a second go at it.

The adorable thing is he thought we really ventured out into space. When we exited the ride he pointed up into the sky and said we were just up there. At three years of age, the line between reality and fantasy in his mind is obviously blurred, which is a quality I wish I still had in my possession. My imagination is still a bit wild, but it's nowhere near as amazing as it was when I was a little kid.

It's too bad that as adults our ability to conjure up fantastic worlds with our minds fades somewhat. Part of the problem is that is just the nature of cognitive development. The imaginations of children aide their discovery and understanding of the world around them. I'm still often daydreaming and thinking of weird things even though I've grown up, but I miss the days when the logical part of my brain didn't butt in so often to spoil the fun.