Dancing Fool

Post date: Feb 7, 2011 6:33:33 AM

I suck at dancing. I went to a few dances when I was in junior high school and I never had the courage to try dancing, even though I wanted to. There's even a photo of a dance in my 8th Grade yearbook where I'm standing in the background not dancing.

And yet my new obsession lately has been Dance Dance Revolution, almost a decade or so late to the party. The cool thing is there are a ton of DDR games that are available for super cheap, so I've been building up my collection a bit.

I do have good rhythm, but rhythm and coordination are not necessarily the same thing. But my feet seem to be listening to my brain a little more lately, and hopefully as I keep practicing I'll become better at DDR. I'm to the point now where I can usually get A ratings on the "Basic" level, which is the second-to-easiest difficulty.

Most importantly, it's pretty okay exercise, which is something I need. It's too bad my home is so obstacle-ridden with kids, pets, and everything that goes with the both. I should just consider them as bonus challenges. In that respect, maybe my "Basic" difficult level isn't so bad. Avoiding dogs, cats, and kids while stepping on arrows is almost like "Expert"!

Sure, I'll just keep telling myself that! It turns out I'm a dancing machine!