The Day My Son Turned into a Zombie

Post date: Feb 11, 2011 5:34:37 AM

My son had a dental appointment this morning because he had eight cavities. I've been feeling terrible about it because I've been worried that his cavity situation was the fault of my brushing. The dentist assured me that it's more likely my son just inherited teeth that are prone to cavities, which is an affliction I myself live with. I've had so many cavities that I've lost count. But all the same I feel guilty about it.

Missus Raroo and I elected to pay out of pocket to have our son put under so he wouldn't be awake for the procedure. Making him suffer through eight drillings would be just too mean and harrowing, we thought, so we wanted him to snooze through the whole thing.

I went into the back room with my boy. He was sitting on my lap when he received the doctor gave him the shot that initially zoned him out. I could feel my boy's little body slowly become more limp until finally he was just laying against my chest as if he was sleeping.

The creepy thing is, he was still technically awake. He was staring straight ahead at nothing in particular with his mouth wide open. When I looked into his eyes it no longer looked like my son--there was no life behind them. He looked like a zombie! It really affected me seeing him stare at the world with such an empty expression. I watched my son get carried off by the dentist then walked out of the dentist's office and briefly cried.

I was actually a little surprised that seeing my son get put under so he could have dental work would hit me so hard. Thankfully, he's back to his usual self. In fact, from the moment he began waking up, there was no denying that my boy had returned. One of the first words he uttered was "Bakugan," and it wasn't long before he acting like the good old Kazuo that we know and love. I'm glad to have him back!