Just the Fellas

Post date: Feb 5, 2011 5:08:57 AM

My son and I are enjoying a "Boys Weekend" together. My wife took her mom on a trip to Sedona as a birthday gift with our daughter in tow, so my son and I are on our own until Monday.

Unfortunately, my little boy has come down with a touch something and is not his usual peppy self. He's still being cute and sweet, but he's kind of subdued compared to how he usually is. That is, instead of making lots of noise and being full of energy, he's just relaxing on the couch and watching television.

We've still got some fun in store, though! Tomorrow we're taking my wife's car in for an oil change. I know that doesn't sound all that exciting, but to my son it is a worthwhile errand because he's going to score some snacks from the vending machines at the shop.

As for tonight, some wild Friday night antics are in store. In just a bit we're going to take our bath/shower. Then we'll get into bed and read a couple books, followed by watching a movie or cartoons until we fall asleep. The Raroos know how to party!