Games Played Report: November 2017

Post date: Nov 30, 2017 4:08:43 PM

November flew by. Wow. How has this year gone so quickly? It's important to find some time to "pause" and enjoy life. Playing video games every day does just that, and it provides me with a few moments of happiness.

For whatever reason, I struggled a little this year with the idea of being so into games despite being in my 40s, but I've accepted and embraced it. Who cares? If I'm playing games for the rest of my life, I'll be happy. Now, on to December!

Here are some thoughts about this month's games:

  • Million Onion Hotel is such an oddity, and the only iOS game I can think of that has (cute pixel) sex in it...?
  • Woah Dave! is a great take on classic Mario Bros.-style action
  • I think it's great that every Gungrave stage starts with "Kick Their Ass!"
  • Sonic Forces... ah, the Sonic Cycle continues...
  • Super Beat Sports is a killer rhythm game with cute visuals and catchy tunes. Check it out!
  • I'm glad I bought Saturn games like Soukygurentai years ago when they were just expensive versus SUPER expensive
  • Ghost Squad is a very perfect light gun game!
  • Remember when everyone was excited Rockstar made an XBox game and it was just Table Tennis?
  • Tiny Wings is joy.
  • I was initially disappointed Animal Crossing Pocket Camp didn't have much to "do" in it, but it's still fun.
  • I could play Crazy Taxi every day of my life and be happy. Gotta have Offspring and Bad Religion tunes, though.
  • Wow, I didn't expect River City Rival Showdown to be so awesome. Quite a delightful surprise!
  • I scored a Saturn arcade stick at my local Book Off this month, and TwinBee Yahho! was so nice to play with a stick!
  • Threes is pure puzzle bliss.
  • Mario Pinball Land is not really a pinball game, and it doesn't quite work, but it's still a neat oddity.
  • The Wonderful 101 should have sold Wii U systems. It's incredible.

November 1: Kirby Squeak Squad

November 2: Mission Onion Hotel

November 3: Demon's Crest

November 4: Woah Dave!

November 5: Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes

November 6: Gungrave

November 7: Akai Katana

November 8: Sonic Forces

November 9: Super Beat Sports

November 10: Lords of Thunder

November 11: Xenoblade Chronicles X

November 12: Soukygurentai

November 13: Ghost Squad

November 14: Sky Force Anniversary

November 15: Rockstar Table Tennis

November 16: Street Hoop

November 17: King of Fighters XIV

November 18: Pokemon Ultra Sun

November 19: Salamander

November 20: Tiny Wings

November 21: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

November 22: Ski Safari

November 23: VVVVV

November 24: Crazy Taxi

November 25: River City Rival Showdown

November 26: TwinBee Yahho!

November 27: Threes

November 28: Mario Pinball Land

November 29: Fighters Megamix

November 30: The Wonderful 101