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Welcome the wonderful world of Communications Technology at Bell High School.

Com Tech in the age of covid-19.

On March 31-2020, the Ontario Government, announced that school will be closed until the end of May.

While school is out, we are expected to continue with our school work from home. Last week, I have suggested a few photo projects for you to complete and I am please to say that a few of you have handed them in. To help, I will be updating this web site on a more regular basis.

Here are a couple of items that pertain to you as Com Tech pros:

  • Distributing laptops and/or devices from schools as needed, while observing public health direction;
  • Grades 9-12: three hours of work per course per week for semestered students; 1.5 hours of work per course per week for non-semestered students (focus on achieving credits/completion/graduation)

Photo editing

  1. To start, here is a link to an article on free photo editing tools from WIX.
  2. Here is a list of photo editing apps for phones and other mobile devices:
Copied from


Possible Summatives for all grades

Photo or video Diaries

As we are all stuck inside, we are looking for thing to do to occupy our time. Here is one project that can count for your summative. It can be either a video or a series of still photos and a written description that you can do over the next month or so until school ends.

So the project is to keep a journal of your activities, with photos or video of your daily life while you are in quarantine.

Here are a couple of links for inspiration:

CBC Covid video and photo diaries. If this link doesn't work, click on the URL below.

Youtube teen video diary. If this link doesn't work, click on the URL below.


a. A camera or your phone

b. Photo or video editing software. See the software list on the class website.

c. You

d. Can be funny

e. Not boring

f. Include the date for each day. Note: you don’t have to record every day.

Activities to document can include:

• a summary of you daily activities

• learning new software, whether Com Tech or school related or just because you are curious about something,

• how to cut your hair,

• change a car or bike tire,

• baking bread, cookies or cakes,

• serving your parents or brothers and sisters breakfast or any meal,

cleaning up after yourself,

• anything you want to do or include

Photography requirements

Hand in 8 to 15 photos and a short description for each photo answering the 6 W’s, (who, what, when, where, why and whether) you enjoyed your activity or learned anything new.

Video requirements

• up to 10 minute video

• good sound

• add music to the background

• good editing including a fade in and out at start and end of your video

• a variety of activities listed above

• saved or exported in mp4 or avi format.

Grade Requirements

10 CT

• 5 to 8 photos – higher marks if you include 8

• up to a 5 minute video


• 8 to 12 photos – higher marks if you include 12

• up to a 7 minute video

12 CT

• 12 to 15 photos – higher marks if you include 15

• up to a 10 minute video

Alternative Summative

Careers Options in the Com Tech Field

Special thanks to Mr. Doxtater and Jamie Croskery for the input.

For your Research Summative, your goal is to identify career opportunities in broad field of communications technology and describe the qualifications needed to get work in these positions.

There are four pathways. These are apprenticeship training, a college diploma, a university degree, or workplace experience. In this assignment, we will focus on work experience and post secondary education.

Pick a career in Communications Technology. Here are a few types of career options:

• radio reporter or announcer

• TV production

• photographer

• videographer

• social media writer

• script writer

• story board artist

• animator

• game developer

• reporter

• producer

• multimedia producer

You can also select advertising, marketing or public relations careers.

These are broad titles. You can do a more detailed search on Google. Pick one that interests you.

The National Occupational Classification (NOC) guide is an online web site published by the Canadian Government. It lists all sorts of careers, education and the entry requirements.

Go to the NOC Guide, and get a description of the career you are interested in.

If you have access, you can also check out Career Cruising.


1 Copy and paste the description from the NOC Guide in your word processor.

2 Give two reasons why you picked this career? .

3 List three qualifications needed to get work in this field.

4 Is there an apprenticeship or a coop option?

5 What sort of education do you need to start work.

6 Name:

A. 2 colleges from Canada

B. 1 university from Canada

C. one international school

that offer programs in your chosen field. You will have 4 answers.

7 Search the hiring opportunities in the next 5 years and 10 years.

8 List 4 companies that could hire a newbie. Include their street address and web site

9 What is the entry level salary?

10 What is the salary after 5 years

11 What is the salary after 10 years?

12 Is it better to choose a career in another more stable field like the trades, professions, administration, retail and practice your interest as a hobby? Give 2 reasons why ?

13 After completing this research, would you still like to pursue a career in the field you selected? Give 2 reasons why.

Due Date

Hand in through Google Classroom by Friday, June 5. You can hand it sooner.


Types of photography projects

Assignments until the end of the school year.

Here is a list of assignments to get us through the remaining weeks until the end of the school year. They can all be done at home. Flexible due dates are included.

Portraits or Selfies

Photos of you, your family or people in your home. If you are ill, don't take photos of others. In any event, please remember to keep a physical distance of 2 metres (about the width of both arms stretched out) from each other.

Everyday Things and Common Objects

Eating, dishes, cutlery, sock collection, clocks, books, anything that you have in your home. Remember our CAST assignment. Try photographing everyday things and common objects from taken from different or unusual angles.


Now that we are getting more sunny days (hopefully) try taking pictures of shadows. If you cannot go outside, open up the curtains and photograph shadows through the window, either inside your home or outside.

Animals, pets and/or toys

Take photos or snaps of your pet. If you don’t have pets, used any teddy bears, stuffed animals or toys that also live in your house. photography.


How many of you use a cup or glass to drink or a fork and knife to eat. These objects reflect back to us what we are doing, often with some distortions. Spoons are very interesting, on one side, your reflection is the correct way up. On the reverse, it is upside down. So play with these reflections, capture them and receive marks at the same time.

Close up

Of coins, flowers, jewellery, bugs and spiders, anything small. Ensure your objects are in focus.

Travel photos

Many of you have travelled, whether for vacation or visit family and loved ones in your home country. Perhaps you have photos of your trip. Here is your chance to use them for Com Tech and get marks.

Your choice of a category.

If you have any other ideas , here is your chance to explore them. Remember share with me.

Instructions for photo assignments

When you pick a photo category, stick to that category only, before moving to another one.

For example, say you pick pets.

1. Take 10, 15 or more photos of you pet.

2. Pick your best 6 photos

3. Edit them using your favourite editing app. Consider cropping, lightening or darkening, straightening and anything else to make your photo better to look at.

Answer the following questions for each photo assignment.

1. Why did you pick this topic?

2. What quality of light did you use: (pick one)

a. direct

b. diffuse

3. What type of lighting source did you use: (pick one or more)

a. window light

b. ceiling light

c. table lamp

d. other (make sure you describe it)

4. How do these objects make you feel? Why?

5. Write a photo caption for only one photos describing your photo could be used for an advertisement?

When you hand everything in, make sure you include your original, unedited image, plus your edited copy and your questions. You will have 12 photos in total.


Here we take photos, make videos, do some animation and write and record podcasts. We also study the impact of digital media on society. And most importantly, have fun while learning about digital images.

Each grade has its own web site. The links are below.

Other related links for all Com Tech classes:

Safety -- The safety booklet on the other end of this link gives examples of all the hazards in a Com Tech classroom. Mostly we are concerned about electrical, tripping and computer safety. There will be a short quiz in the first day of the second month of the class.

For your safety quiz, open the safety booklet and learn, peruse, read, review, remember, and study the following pages:

1. General Safety, p 24

2. Video p 25

3. Photography p 26

4. Lighting p 28

5. Batteries p 29

6. Audio p 30

7. Social Media p 38

8. Copyright p 39

9. Electrical p 41

Camera Settings and Operations explained -- Hopefully in simple and easy to understand terms.

Here you will links to learning about and how to use Photoshop. At Bell we use Adobe Photoshop CC 2019.

On this page, I'll post links to help you improve your photography. They may be random and things of interest.

Video Editing

Intro to video editing and Adobe Premiere Pro. The following link will take the Adobe instructional site dedicated to teaching you how to use Premiere. The videos are well shot and edited. They show you step by step how to use the program. They also have stock video footage that you can download and practice on.

Two other links for basic video editing.

Video Script -- On the other end of this link, you will find an example of how to format a video script.