Mr. Chislett's

Com Tech Web Site for

Bell High School

Welcome the wonderful world of Communications Technology at Bell High School.

Here we take photos, make videos, do some animation and write and record podcasts. We also study the impact of digital media on society. And most importantly, have fun while learning about digital images.

Each grade has its own web site. The links are below.

Other related links for all Com Tech classes:

Safety -- The safety booklet on the other end of this link gives examples of all the hazards in a Com Tech classroom. Mostly we are concerned about electrical, tripping and computer safety. There will be a short quiz in the first day of the second month of the class.

For your safety quiz, open the safety booklet and learn, peruse, read, review, remember, and study the following pages:

1. General Safety, p 24

2. Video p 25

3. Photography p 26

4. Lighting p 28

5. Batteries p 29

6. Audio p 30

7. Social Media p 38

8. Copyright p 39

9. Electrical p 41

Camera Settings and Operations explained -- Hopefully in simple and easy to understand terms.

Using and Learning Photoshop -- Here you will links to learning about and how to use Photoshop. At Bell we use Adobe Photohsop CC 2018.

On this page, I'll post links to help you improve your photography. They may be random and things of interest.

If you find anything that is of interest that relates to Com Tech, chances are your fellow Com Tech students could be interested as well. Send me the link and I'll consider posting it.