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Welcome the wonderful world of Communications Technology at Bell High School.

Photo editing for mobile users

  1. To start, here is a link to an article on free photo editing tools from WIX.

  2. Here is a list of photo editing apps for phones and other mobile devices:

  • VSCO — Free (optional in-app purchases) -- video on using VSCO

  • Afterlight 2 — $3 -- video on using Aferlight 2

  • Lens Distortions — Free (optional subscription) -- video for Lens Distortions

  • PicsArt — Free (in-app purchases) -- using PicsArt

  • Hypocam — Free (in-app purchases) -- using Hypocam

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  • If you don't have Photohsop or Lightroom, you can still use your computer for editing photos. Below is a link to a list of mostly free photo editing apps.

Photopea is a free online photo editor. You don't have to download anything, just open Photopea and start to edit your photo.

Learning Photopea

Free video apps for both Android and I-phone:

Here in Com Tech, we take photos, make videos, do some animation and write and record podcasts. We also study the impact of digital media on society. And most importantly, have fun while learning about digital images.

Each grade has its own web site. The links are below.

Other related links for all Com Tech classes:

Safety -- The safety booklet on the other end of this link gives examples of all the hazards in a Com Tech classroom. Mostly we are concerned about electrical, tripping and computer safety. There will be a short quiz in a couple of weeks.

For your safety quiz, open the safety booklet and learn, peruse, read, review, remember, and study the following pages:

1. General Safety, p 24

2. Video p 25

3. Photography p 26

4. Lighting p 28

5. Batteries p 29

6. Audio p 30

7. Social Media p 38

8. Copyright p 39

9. Electrical p 41

Camera Settings and Operations explained -- Hopefully in simple and easy to understand terms.

Here you will links to learning about and how to use Photoshop. At Bell we use Adobe Photoshop CC 2019.

On this page, I'll post links to help you improve your photography. They may be random and things of interest.

Video Editing

Intro to video editing and Adobe Premiere Pro. The following link will take the Adobe instructional site dedicated to teaching you how to use Premiere. The videos are well shot and edited. They show you step by step how to use the program. They also have stock video footage that you can download and practice on.

Two other links for basic video editing.

Video Script -- On the other end of this link, you will find an example of how to format a video script. There are a couple of links on writing for the ear.

Using a Tripod

Tripods are necessary for long exposures. When holding a camera, one of hte greatest danders is camera shake. This results in blurry photos. Even if your seasoned pro, you can still get camera shake. I know as I have experienced it, many times.

If you don't have a tripod, you can always use a book, a chair or rest your camera on the hood of a nearby car. Just make sure the car is turned off.

But the best tool of all is a tripod. To help understand their purpose and how to best use them, checkout out this link from Phil Steele and Darlene Hildebrandt of Digital Photo Mentor.,

Phil Steele is an photographer who has lots of free videos on his web site. He also has paid video courses.

Diane Hildebrandt is a Canadian photographer who also offers free videos and paid video courses.