The population of Panama is about 4 million. Most of the people in Panama live in Panama City.

A main religion in Panama is Roman Catholicism. The Spanish introduced Roman Catholicism. Did you know Panama doesn’t have a state religion? Most of the people in Panama speak Spanish. Another language spoken in Panama is American Indian. They speak some English.

Guaymi is one of the ethnic groups. They live in the western part of Chiriqui. Many Guaymi work on the banana plantations of western Panama. Kuna is another one of the ethnic groups. The Kuna live in the San Blas Archipelago on the coast. They are traders, sailors, or mechanics . Choco is another ethnic group. They mainly live in the province of Darien. They mostly fish and hunt.

People in Panama’s cities eat out a lot. Breakfast consists of thick deep-fried tortillas with white cheese, liver, garlic, onions, and some fresh rolls or bread. Panamanians will have eggs sometimes to start their day too. Coffee is the main drink for Panamanians in the morning.

Lunch is not the main meal of the day, but a normal meal is soup followed by chicken or steak. Panamanians serve meat with a mixture of cooked rice and red kidney beans or pigeon peas.

A normal dinner meal usually consists of meat covered in spicy sauce.

In Panama’s countryside, the houses are thatch houses. There is usually one room in the house with a bed or two.

Children from age 7 to 14 have to go to school. 27.1% of Panama’s population are under 15 and 0.7% are 85 and over.

Here's a picture of a Panamanian school.