Before the Spanish arrived on the Isthmus of Panama, the land belonged to the native people called Kuna. There are no reports of how many Kuna lived there before the Spanish arrived. The Spanish took the land from the Kuna.

Panama is a popular place to visit because it is known for its canal. Panamanians and U.S President Teddy Roosevelt made the canal together. In 1914 the canal was finished. The Panama Canal was made so boats could use the canal as a short cut.

The bushmaster snake in Panama has a case fatality rate of 80%, and the chances of surviving a bite from a bushmaster is 20%. The size of the bushmaster is up to 13 feet long and 6 inches in diameter.

In Panama they grow coffee beans, bananas, and cacao.

Manuel Antonio Noriega Moreno is a famous person in Panama. He stood up to the United States of America for the control of Panama and was arrested by the U.S.A for being a drug dealer.

In 1969 Brigadier General Omar Torrijos Herrera was the commander National Guard of the Government of Panama. He built a Government base.

Here are two pictures of Panama's art.