Resources and Climate


Economy means ways to make money. There are three different ways that Costa Ricans make money.


Costa Rica grows coffee, sugar, bananas, melons, and pineapples. Coffee is their biggest export. They are the biggest exporter of coffee in the world. Bananas are a close second but coffee is king!

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More than half of new investments go into tourism related industries, such as beaches, zip lines, and hotels. Many of the tourists coming to Costa Rica are ecotourists, which means they are travelers that respect the environment. Tourism is the largest occupation for Costa Ricans.


The Costa Rican industry makes electronic components and medical equipment that they export to other countries. The items they import include raw materials, consumer goods, capital equipment, petroleum, and construction materials.

This is a photo of a factory line.


The lowest Colon bill is the 1,000 colon bill! 10,000 colons is $17.50 in U.S dollars. Most places in Costa Rica take U.S dollars as well, but only $20 or below.

There are over 12 climate zones. Here are examples of three zones and their average temperature:

Central Valley: 72℉

Atlantic Coast: 86℉

Pacific Coast: 89℉.

The average rainfall in Costa Rica is about 100 inches or 8.3 feet. In some mountain regions, they receive about 300 inches or 25 feet.


There is a green season that is May through November and a dry season that is December thru April.

At the top of mountains, there is snow and ice. Isn't that amazing since it is 888 miles away from the equator! It sounds far but Florida is 2052 miles away from the equator and it is warm all year.