From Sea To Sea

(A mari usque ad mari)

Welcome to Canada! Where the mountains cut the clouds and the seas batter the bays. Here is some kickstart information on Canada!!!

Canada is the most northern country in North America. It is also the second largest country in the world, after Russia. It shares the longest unguarded binational border in the world... the one with the United States. Canada is bordered by three different oceans The Atlantic, Pacific, and the Arctic.


Mount Logan was named after Sir William Edmond Logan, A Canadian geologist and founder of a survey on Canada (click on Landforms to see more info on him)

This is a wolverine, also known as Gulo Gulo. It is the most well prepared animal for the tundras. This animal is like the kid in your class who gets a reputation for being the conniving kind of troublemaker. when a cabin in the woods gets raided, people turn their heads to the wolverine .


The beaver is Canada's national symbol.

Here is Canada's national anthem!

Canada has cold, snowy winters and hot, dry summers throughout the country (click on climate to see more)

Foods are a specialty when it comes to Canada. The small population means fewer natural resources are used up. Here are some popular foods of Canada:

Maple syrup is big because of the many trees in Canada. Fish and seafood are also popular in Canada because of the three oceans that border the country.