Canada's people have a long history ranging from coming from France and England to surviving the harsh, bitter Canadian tundra. Here are a few things to note about Canada’s people.

The total population of Canada is only 32,207,113 people. It has one of the lowest country population densities in the world. Canada has many mountains. People usually live on the Laurentian Plateau, mostly in cities but not entirely.

Fun Fact;

Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver make up 1/3 of Canada's population

Ethnic groups Some Canadians arrived on ships from France and England yet only 3.6% of the Canadian population is British, only 3.8% is French and only 2% are American Indian!! 38% of the population have multiple origins. The rest are from countries such as China and the United Kingdom .

English To french,


Thank You=Merci

Goodbye=Au Revoir






While the U.S.A has no official language, Canada has two, French and English. Like the United States, Canada started as a colony. Starting in the 1500, it was part of New France but later became a British colony after the Seven Year's War.


Canada Day, also known as Canada's birthday, is the country's national day.