Major Cities

(grandes villes)

The top 5 largest cities in Canada are Toronto, with a population of 6,055,724. Montreal, with a population of 4,027,121, Vancouver, population; 2,470,289, Calgary, with a population of 1,406,721, and Edmonton, population; 1,328,290.







Ottawa is the most educated city in Canada. That might be one of the reasons that Ottawa was chosen as capital. (click on Maps for more information on Ottawa.)

Lights, camera, ACTION!!! Did you know that the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie was made in Vancouver? Vancouver's Stanley Park is 10% bigger than Central Park in New York City. The worlds biggest tin soldier is located in New Westminster. The statue is 9.75 meters tall.

If your taste of food is big, than you're going to like Toronto. This big city has more than 8,000 restaurants and diners. Are you a person who likes your sunshine? Well, if you are, Toronto is the place to be! Toronto has an average of 301 days of sunshine each year. Do you see the tower in the picture of Toronto? Thats the CN Tower. The tower is stuck by lightning about 75 times each year.


Montreal has a flag with five symbols. The cross represents Christian principles. The fleur-de-lis for the French, the shamrock for the Irish, the thistle for the Scottish, and the Lancastrian rose for the English


Did you know that Sir William Edward Logan, the man who Mt.Logan was named after, was born in Montreal. (Click on Landforms to learn more about him) The picture below is Montreal's Notre Dame Basilica.