Countries and Continents of the World

by Leverett Elementary School's Fifth Grade

As part of the fifth grade curriculum, students learn about the world’s continents – location, size, people, natural and man-made landforms, climate, countries, famous places, and natural resources. The initial research project began in 2012-13 with a world continent study. The students developed a continent template in which future classes could then continue to research the specific continent and extend the research into countries within each continent. Each year since student teams have added one country each year from each of the five continents: Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, and South America.

In 2017-18, we added a study of five countries in North America: Canada, Costa Rica, Haiti, Jamaica, and Panama!

In 2019-2020, individual students chose a single country to research. They worked independently to explore their chosen country and build the webpages as part of a remote learning challenge. This work was much more independently done than in past years, and most students really rose to the occasion!