Some parts of Haiti may not look very pleasing but believe us when we say it is just as interesting as any other Caribbean island. Here are some reasons why:

Haiti is a very poor country although it has very nice beaches. Haiti’s money is called the Gourde. Haiti's one dollar is equal to $0.016 in the United States!

I hope you will enjoy learning about Haiti!

This is money from Haiti.


Voodoo physician Francois "Papa Doc" Duvaier seizes power in military coup and is elected president a year later.

This is a animal in Haiti is called a "Solendon".

This is what Haiti's flag looks like.

80% of Haitians are Roman Catholic, 16% are Protestant, 4% other. Voodoo is another religion that almost all Haitians practice.

This is a voodoo ceremonial drum and costume from Haiti