Major Cities


Haiti's capital is Port au Prince. Did you know that there are 987,310 people living in Port au Prince alone? Some landmarks that are located there are Musee du Pantheon National Haitien, Etang Saumatre, Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, and Atis Restrian.

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption.

Haiti's capital in Port-au-Prince after the 2010 hurricane

Another large city in Haiti is Delmas 73, population 1,382,920. One more large city is Jacmel, has a population of 137,966.

Port au Prince is located at 18.5944% North and 72.3074% West.

Fort Liberté is another landmark in Haiti. It is located at 19.6616% North and 71.8364% West.

Pictures of Jacmel. Jacmel is located at 18.2430% North and 72.5264% West.

This is the National Anthem of Haiti.