Jamaica is a land of many different people. There are four different types of ethnic groups: African, Chinese, Indian and English. Its capital city is called Kingston. Most of the people live in the cities. The population is 2,804,332. Jamaica is a land of many religions too, People there are Anglican, Baptist, Roman Catholic, Rastafarian and Jewish.

Usain Bolt

Here you will meet the fastest man in the world. His name is Usain Bolt. He can run 27.44 miles per hour. He is known for his world record time of 9.53 seconds on the hundred meter sprint . He has won many medals in the Olympics.


Ackee and saltfish are two of the national foods in Jamaica; they usually go together. Ackee is a tropical fruit that comes from west Africa. One of the traditional drinks there is called Sorrel. Sorrel is a leaf that people boil and add ginger and sugar to make the drink. Coffee beans and sugar cane are also grown in Jamaica.


Jamaicans have many kinds of jobs. Some people work on farms and take care of animals. Other people grow food like bananas and sell them. Some people are athletes like Usain Bolt; the fastest man in the world. Many Jamaicans work in tourism and work at hotels and restaurants. Other people show tourists around. Manufactures is another job in Jamaica (click Resources and Climate to learn more)

Bob Marley

Jamaica's most famous performer is Bob Marley. He was born in 1945 and died in 1981. He sold more than 75 million records worldwide.


Jamaica has Capitalism in their country. Jamaica has their own money. Their $100 is worth 78 cents in the United States . The government works like this: the people get to vote for the representatives that make the laws and run the government.