Resources and Climate


Agriculture is one of the main industries in Jamaica. The main things they grow are allspice, bananas, coffee, coconuts, ginger, molasses, oranges, and squashes.


Manufacturing is a very common job in Jamaica. Jamaicans make rum, clothes, food, minerals, paper. There are big manufacture factories in Jamaica.



Jamaica is home to many types of birds, mammals and fish. Some of them are Yellow Billed Parrots, Red Billed Hummingbirds. Mongooses, Manatees, Jamaican Iguana, Pikas, Mullet, Damselfish and, Rainbow Parrotfish.


There are many exports in Jamaica like: beverages, tobacco, cut flowers, limestone, chemicals, apparel and, furniture.


The weather in Jamaica is very warm and humid. In the summer, the high is 91º F and the winter high is 87º. On the cost the high in the winter high is 88º and the low is 72º. The mountains of Jamaica are not so warm. The low temperature there is 40 degrees. many people in Jamaica live there because of the amazing weather. but the weather in Jamaica is not always so amazing, like in 1907 a hurricane destroyed Kingston city. But other than hurricanes and a few other things the weather in Jamaica is amazing.